Mechanical Strain: the neck

Neck and shoulder pain from postural tension requires reducing tension in areas of discomfort: neck, upper back and shoulder girdle. It is also essential to manage stress and improve overall posture for long term management.


Correction requires muscles in the front of the shoulders and neck need to relax and lengthen while muscles in the back of the shoulders need to be relaxed and conditioned.

The neck is comprised of 7 bones with a rather large skull balancing on top. Neck stability is heavily dependent on muscles and alignment. The lack of stability can result in significant rigidity and constriction of deep neck muscles. This contributes to pain

Desk work is a significant factor to neck and shoulder as well as general back pain. It can also cause tension and strain in the arms that contribute to neck and shoulder tension.








Poor posture in the low back can further affect the neck and shoulder. Good overall body alignment is helpful for ongoing relief.

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