Active family and health

Being active active and being healthy goes hand-in-hand.  If one wants to be healthy, that is achieved through a good diet, mental wellness and activity.

A good diet is not as easy as it may seem; there is much hidden in the foods we buy and much research maybe needed to understand what we eat.  Sometime good food is simply not available when we are on the go; it requires good fore thought and planning.

Mental wellness is much more in our control than we think.  My 5 year old often argues that she can’t calm down when she is upset but that, I try to explain to her, is much more of a choice that one chooses to make.

Activity is perhaps the one thing we may have the greatest control over. The greatest challenge is to make it a part of daily life.  Most of us have not been raised with such habits and learning a new is difficult but not impossible. Implement little activities into you work day since there is nothing else more regular than working a 9-5 for most people. Simple things like 10 squats, push-ups, lunges or jumping jacks are easy to implement once you over come the difficulty of being regular.

The most important thing is to make activity regular in our children; make it fun and make it a part of family life. Help them establish good habits at a young age.

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