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WARNING! Read with caution. This blog is not intended to offer answers, solutions or the right or wrong ways to life. It is to share stories and possibilities to help the reader find personal answers, solutions and truths.

A book on meditation advised not to the discuss the experiences of meditation. In practice, therapists are advised not to influence treatment with personal biases. But a person’s entire life experiences shape his/her belief and approach to life. Mine has shaped my approach to therapy, my discussions with clients. I trust clients will have a better understanding of what I have to say when they know the roads I have travelled.

In practice, therapists’ are advised to use evidence base medicine. This, over the past 30 years, have only offered a modest helpful hand and some insight. But what is science, should we depend on it? Many differing arguments seem to have some scientific support, so which science is correct? The one that works for you, or the one that doesn’t? Rumour has it that even science can be readily manipulated. To be more scientific, I will make every effort to support the reasoning behind my ideas with available references.

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In the case of rehabilitation of tissue disruption, the answer to the union is often fairly well understood. This may range from 4 -12 weeks depending on the type and severity of damage. Damage and disruption of nerve tissue is extremely slow, about 1mm per day. Recovery to normal function and a pain free state…

How much therapy?

Look far and wide for inspiration, motivation, wisdom and guidance; but the answer is within. The question of dosage is different for everyone. Like all things in life, more is not better, but not having enough may keep a person from progress. As with the position of the earth in relation to the sun, there…

Spine/core stretch

This video derscribes stretch of the spine and back of legs, posterior chain. It also demonstrates stretching the chest and front of the thigh, anterior chain. Stretch slow, gentle and prolonged. Fast hard stretching causes your nervous system to resist and potentially damage the connective tissue. Prolong comfortable stretch gives the nervous sysem time to…


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Stories & Possibilities

Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own. _Bruce Lee

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