Spine post trauma: stretch & moblize

After accidents and trauma as in a motor vehicle impact, the body may go into a state of shock.  Subconsciously, the nervous system may engage in a protective holding pattern. Consciously we may understand the danger is over but subconsciously the body may remain in state of guarding. To convince our subconscious selves to relaxContinue reading “Spine post trauma: stretch & moblize”

Mechanical Strain: the neck

Neck and shoulder pain from postural tension requires reducing tension in areas of discomfort: neck, upper back and shoulder girdle. It is also essential to manage stress and improve overall posture for long term management. Correction requires muscles in the front of the shoulders and neck need to relax and lengthen while muscles in theContinue reading “Mechanical Strain: the neck”

The general intent of massage

Most individuals seek massage therapy for bodily pain and discomfort that often arise from the wear and tear of active daily living. The severity of such may vary and be physical, mental or emotional. Such conditions often don’t have specific causes but they may be associated with traumatic accidents such as motor vehicle impacts orContinue reading “The general intent of massage”